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Where the Water Ends: Simone Guo
January 22 - March 16, 2020
City Atrium Gallery

This venue is currently closed

Simone Guo was born in China to an artist’s family where she began her practice with Chinese brush painting in her early childhood. Guo studied visual arts and art history at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China where she graduated with a Master’s degree in art history. She then studied at the University of Victoria and earned a Master’s degree in art history in 2004. In her early years as a young scholar Guo published books and articles in art history and art criticism, Guo now lives and works in Vancouver where she is represented by Art Beatus Gallery.

 My paintings thrive to make a way through the thicket of visual information and resonate my intimacy with nature as well as acknowledge, explore, and engage in the cultures around me.

 I primarily work with acrylic, oil, ink, and pastel. Through gestural brushstrokes, layers of fluid washes and calligraphic lines, my practice explores the space between landscape and lyrical abstraction. My imagery references the North American landscape, however aesthetically I draw inspiration from Chinese historical monochromatic landscape painting. 

 I paint the landscape as a concept and my focus lies in the meditative process. In Chinese art history, the landscape was regarded as a medium for the elite class to seek inner rhythm and autonomy. I embrace this philosophy and this practice in my art making.