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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

Textile Narratives
October 19 - November 17
CityScape Community Arts Space
Opening Reception, Thursday, October 18, 7 - 9pm

Alanna Edwards / Cascadia Society / Nadine Flagel / Daphne Harwood / Haley Hunt-Brondwin / Mikaela Johanson
Jennie Johnston / Colleen Kerr / Sylvia Kind / Emily Kirsch / Dawn Livera / Anne Montgomery / Diane Roy / Connie Sabo
Robin Ripley / Debbie Westergaard Tuepah / Kalvin Valko / Carlyn Yandle

Artists and communities have been using textiles to tell stories for thousands of years. This exhibition features makers and artists who work with fibre, textiles, and surface design to rescue, repurpose, and recycle material to tell stories, communicate thoughts and ideas, and to convey messages and memories.

Through weaving, repurposing, and stitching, textile prompts us to ask: Why was this made? Who has touched this? What story does this tell? Textile creates narratives that can be read by everyone.


Sewing Bee
CityScape Community Art Space | Thursday, November 1, 1 – 3pm

In keeping with the textile narrative theme of the show, artists Anne Montgomery and Dawn Livera invite you to join them in a community sewing bee. We will gather together with cloth and needles in hand to share stories, laughter and encouragement. You may bring a creative hand sewing project, a piece of clothing to mend, or perhaps a personal affirmation or family story to work with. If you just want to be in the company of creative souls but don’t have anything to bring, we will have supplies to share so you can create your own textile narrative.