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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

Visions of the North Shore

An Arts & Heritage Millennium project that commemorates 12 historically significant sites with interpretive prints commissioned of local artists.

As we are isolating ourselves in our homes, we would like to invite you to consider our surroundings through the interpretations of local artists. Too often, we go to places and only see the surface.  This place we call the North Shore has many stories to tell, and this project provided artists with the opportunities to tell those stories.  A selection of these prints is on display at the District Foyer Gallery (North Vancouver District Hall).  While that space is closed (due to Covid-19), we invite you to visit the exhibition in a different way.

Visions of the North Shore, is a major tri-municipal millennium project in partnership with the Canada Millennium Partnership Program and British Columbia Community Spirit Program, that embraced the new millennium through this heritage and visual arts collaboration.  It celebrates 12 sites that have significant historical, natural, and cultural relevance to the North Shore. 

Twelve print artists were commissioned to create an original work reflecting a site that has personal significance to each.  The hand pulled prints endeavour to personify the historical and cultural importance of the sites, and narrate the rich and vibrant histories of the North Shore through artistic expression.  Visions engages and challenges each viewer to look at their community, its landmarks, and its histories in new ways, and to re-examine a sense of place that is significant to everyone who lives and visits the grand and scenic North Shore.

From the comfort of your screen, wherever you are, visit the places and the art on the Storymap.