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Zoe Desbiens: Elemental Echoes
July 20 - October 17, 2023
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)

Art in the Community presents “Elemental Echoes,” an exhibition by Zoe Desbiens.

Artist Bio:

Zoé Desbiens embarked on an inspiring journey that led her to the world of art. Leaving her demanding corporate career behind in 2013, she planned to take a year off to recharge. However, fate intervened in a remarkable way when an artbook literally fell on her foot, reigniting her true essence and childhood passion for creating art that she had long forgotten about. 

As a long-term Vancouverite, Zoé infuses her artwork with inspiration from the local landscapes and her global travels, drawing from the profound influence of natural surroundings. As a nod to her French-Canadian heritage and the rich experiences of her time spent in Mexico, her painting titles often span English, French, and Spanish.

Her abstracted style invites us on a visual journey that celebrates the beauty of the natural world and encourages exploration of the parallels within ourselves and the world around us.

Guided by an intuitive approach, Zoé enters a dance with the canvas, allowing each artwork to organically unveil itself. The interplay of textures, movement, and metallics that catch the light brings her works to life, capturing the energy of natural elements and creating a resonant and familiar experience for viewers.

Zoé Desbiens’ art studio is located in East Vancouver’s Parker Street Studios, where she continues her artistic journey.

Artist Statement:

I have come to experience nature’s elements as a powerful and beautiful reflection of our inner selves, where they echo parts of us and offer insights and connections that transcend the ordinary. This is the essence I seek to explore in my work.

Imagine taking in a vibrant sunset. As the colors transition from fiery hues of passion to soft pastels whispering tranquility, and the golden glow radiating awe, we are reminded of the mutable nature of our emotional landscape.

Now, envision the vast ocean before you, with its powerful crashing waves and mysterious depths. It becomes a metaphor for our enigmatic souls, beckoning us to delve deep into our dreams and serving as a reminder of the natural ebbs and flows of life.

A tree becomes a symbol of our ability to adapt and thrive amidst life’s ever-changing landscapes. It reflects to us our inner strength, our ability to grow, and our inherent cyclical nature of existence.

While my paintings may not depict specific locations and are deliberately kept abstracted, you may recognize familiar elements that evoke a sense of connection. Textures reminiscent of tree bark or flowing water, the interplay of elements, and the fusion of colors act as pathways to exploration.

I invite you to allow your unique connections and interpretations to unfold, tapping into your own intuition and wisdom as you resonate with the essence of the natural world echoing within.