Support the North Shore Culture Compass! This online culture map is a treasure trove of stories, history, events and more. For the community, by the community.


What is the North Shore Culture Map?
The North Shore Culture Map is a free, dynamic, online map for residents, tourists, local organizations, planners, and developers to highlight the cultural opportunities in the region. The map will use GIS technology to highlight the creativity and culture of the North Shore on an interactive, web-based tool. The map will feature a description, images, links to websites/social media channels, year established, and other information about each cultural asset.

Who is leading this project?
North Van Arts (aka North Vancouver Community Arts Council) has taken the lead on the project to map the cultural assets of the North Shore of Vancouver. Having been a key cultural player on the North Shore for the past 49 years, North Van Arts is well aware of the vibrant arts and culture scene, but many in the sector still feel invisible.

The Project Team
The project greatly benefits from having a collaborative team approach. Project managers have extensive experience working with cultural development projects, and working with all levels of governments, nonprofits, and businesses. The Project Team including bios are at https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-results/project-team/

Who is on the Advisory Committee?
Since January 2016, North Van Arts has been working with an Advisory Committee to develop the project scope and categories. Our Advisory Committee is made up of representatives that would benefit most, and ensure relevancy to a broad based constituency. Included on the committee are representatives from libraries, municipalities, First Nations, multicultural associations, museums and archives, chambers of commerce, tourism and educational institutions. For a list of the Advisors, visit our website: https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-results/advisory-committee/

The role of the Committee is to suggest cultural assets to be included, establish criteria for inclusion, provide guidance in marketing, assist in project development, assist in determining budget and funding sources, establish connections through their networks, assist in naming the map, share GIS data where applicable, and assist in maintaining project focus. They meet 3-4 times per year to review project updates, share ideas and ensure project focus and relevancy. In addition, members are consulted when specific information is needed, such as developing user profiles to understand how different users may want to access, use, and interact with the digital tool.

Who is Esri?
Esri Canada has been hired to build  the North Shore Culture Map application. Esri  is a privately held, Canadian-owned company that provides world-class enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions. Since 1984, they have been delivering proven solutions based on technology and are the world’s leading GIS software provider. Esri solutions help organizations across industries make timely, informed, and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography.

North Van Arts reviewed many other online mapping options (Google, Leaflet, etc.) before deciding to proceed with Esri. Given that our partner municipalities and First Nations already have data within the GIS model using Esri technology, the power of the tool for planning (layering statistical information over the base map), and the capacity to add audio, visual elements to the data points, we determined that Esri was the best system to use.

How will I access the map?
Users will access the map for FREE from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) on a website, so internet access is required. You are not required to download an app. No login or passwords are required to access the map.

What area does the map cover?
The North Shore Culture Map includes cultural assets from Squamish Nation, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver.

Who will use the map?
Residents + Locals
Tourists + Visitors
Cultural Organizations and the Artistic Community
First Nations
Municipal GIS staff
Local Government + Event Planners

When will the map be available?
The map will be beta tested starting in Spring 2019 with the final product officially launched in March 2020.

What is a cultural asset?
For the purposes of this culture map, a cultural asset is something that has value because of its contribution to our community’s creativity, knowledge, traditions, heritage, history, culture, meaning, and vitality.

What are the cultural asset categories on the map?
There are 10 categories on the culture map. For more information about the categories, criteria and sample keywords for assets, visit: https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-results/categories-criteria/

What is the criteria used to determine who goes onto the map?
The  criteria varies by category. In some cases, it is very specific to the asset. All submissions will be considered. If you are unsure about whether you should be listed on the map, please contact us prior to submitting a survey.




How do I add my listing to the map or how can I be included on the map?
To add a listing, you can submit your information via our online survey available at this link: https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-listing-survey/

If you have any questions about whether your listing is suitable for the map or would like assistance, please contact us.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to be listed on the map. The map is FREE for both assets listed on the map and those using the map.

What are the obligations of being featured on the map?
Beyond filling out the survey, there are limited obligations from those listed on the map. The North Shore Culture Map is a free website that is meant to service all residents and guests of the North Shore. That said, the obligations of the many cultural sites and organizations that will populate the map are focused on providing information about themselves in relation to culture.

In addition to filling out the survey initially, we do request that in future if you change addresses, or the organization shifts, to let us know by sending an update or completing our form for updates. https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-listing-updates   

We also request that any cultural assets listed on the map help promote the map to their networks, in an effort to bring awareness of North Shore cultural assets to the widest possible public.

How can I correct or update my listing?
To update or correct your listing, please complete the survey with the relevant fields or email the updated information to culturemap@northvanarts.ca. The form to update your listing is available here: https://northvanarts.ca/cultural-map-listing-updates

Am I able to submit more than one listing for my cultural asset?
You can submit more than one listing as long as you are not submitting the same information for the same asset. You should fill out a survey for each asset you would like listed.

What type of image or photo should I submit?
Assets should submit photographs that represent their organization/business/group/venue/facility, etc. Images could be of the asset themselves, a logo, photo of activities or events. Images should be jpeg format and 600 pixels x 400 pixels in size. You should guarantee that the image is free of any copyright restrictions and/or we encourage you not to include photos with children or anyone who has not given written permission to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide photo credits on the map itself. Should credit be required, you should include it on the photograph. If you do not have a photo, please submit your asset. We can arrange for a photo at a later date.

How many images should I submit?
You can upload/send up to three images for consideration but only one image will be chosen to be featured on the map. The photo/image that appears on the map will be chosen by the project team based on size, consistency, rotation (horizontal vs. vertical), resolution on screen and other factors.

Who do I contact for more information or if I have questions?
North Shore Culture Mapping Project Team
335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC  V7M 2G3
T: 604-988-6844  culturemap@northvanarts.ca