About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community event that celebrates the creative energy of local artists. The event features artists in approachable venues all throughout the North Shore, inviting community to engage with and learn about their practices. The North Shore Art Crawl energizes and inspires community through uplifting the arts.

Art by Tuna

Pronouns: she/her
Medium: Acrylic, Design, Gouache, Illustration, Mixed media


Host Business: Streetcar Brewing
123A East 1st Street
North Vancouver

Throughout weekend
Live acrylic gouache painting, and live caricatures.
Planning a "paint and draw" event in the week leading up to the crawl (TBD).


Additional accessibility measures:

About the Artist

Rachel "Tuna" Petrovicz is a multimedia illustrator and comic-maker born and raised in North Vancouver. Specializing in the cute, colourful, and sometimes creepy, she aims to use her work to brighten this confusing world, and delight the inner child inside us all. Colour is the core of her practice. By exploring limited palettes across different themes and mediums, she injects the extra- into the ordinary. Common subjects include animals (especially cats!), landscapes, cartoons, and characters. In addition to colour, storytelling is an integral part of the Art by Tuna experience. Whether it is through narrative works like graphic novels and comics, or simply through details peppered in single-frame art, evoking a depth of worldbuilding is a tenant of her practice. Each piece should feel like it belongs in the "Art by Tuna-verse". As a professional, she works freelance, commission, and produces her own merchandise. No path is off limits, and exploration is the goal!
North Shore Art Crawl 2023