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The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community event that celebrates the creative energy of local artists. The event features artists in approachable venues all throughout the North Shore, inviting community to engage with and learn about their practices. The North Shore Art Crawl energizes and inspires community through uplifting the arts.

Dana Huhn

Pronouns: She/her
Medium: Acrylic, Alcohol ink, Mixed media


Host Business: Lonsdale Quay - 'The Alley' Vendor Space
123 Carrie Cates Court
North Vancouver

Opening Reception on Friday, October 13th, from 7-9pm


Additional accessibility measures:

Note for Visitors

I will be at kiosk #1 at The Alley inside Lonsdale Quay.

About the Artist

Dana Huhn's artistic vision is deeply influenced by bright colors and their interplay on a canvas, as well as the beauty of local forests. She currently works on two bodies of work. Her first body of work centers around expressive and bold abstract painting. In this style, she explores the dynamic relationship between different colors and shapes, creating visually captivating and emotionally evocative artworks. These pieces highlight a range of emotions and themes, reflecting her inner world and personal experiences. In her second body of work, Dana celebrates the natural beauty of BC's forests using photography and ink painting. She aims to convey the tranquility and awe-inspiring qualities of the forests, inviting viewers to connect with nature in a profound way. The combination of photography and ink painting allows her to infuse her images with a sense of artistry and blending the realistic with the imaginative. In addition to painting, she offers a collection of accessories.
North Shore Art Crawl 2023