About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community event that celebrates the creative energy of local artists. The event features artists in approachable venues all throughout the North Shore, inviting community to engage with and learn about their practices. The North Shore Art Crawl energizes and inspires community through uplifting the arts.

Jessica Redditt Design

Medium: Textiles/Fibre


Host Business: Estelle Gift Shop Deep Cove
4330 Gallant Avenue
North Vancouver

Opening Reception on Friday, October 13th, from 7-9pm

Ongoing through weekend
Natural dye stuff education, textiles, and samplings
Natural Dye demonstration


Additional accessibility measures:
Ramps and/or elevators

Note for Visitors

All payment methods welcome, parking lots and street parking available.

About the Artist

 Natural, elegant, timeless. I want to make people feel great when they wear these pieces. And they are transitional… meaning you can lounge at home in them or feel amazing going out in them.Typically my customers are looking for pieces that will be investments, pieces they can wear forever that don’t go out of fashion.   I piece-dye the garments by hand in natural dyes (made from plants), which gives many pieces an original artisanal touch.
North Shore Art Crawl 2023