About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community event that celebrates the creative energy of local artists. The event features artists in approachable venues all throughout the North Shore, inviting community to engage with and learn about their practices. The North Shore Art Crawl energizes and inspires community through uplifting the arts.

Meghan Sharir

Medium: Oil, Watercolour


1296 Haywood Ave
Coach House
West Vancouver


Additional accessibility measures:

Note for Visitors

Easiest access to the coach house studio is through the laneway (especially for people with mobility challenges) behind the house, between Haywood and Gordon Ave, just off 13th street.

About the Artist

Meghan is primarily a portrait painter. Her driving obsession as an artist is to expand her understanding of the human form to be able to clearly and effectively share an expression, pose or attitude with the viewer. She loves how portraiture allows for an immersive observation of other people that we are not normally afforded, a time of deep attention in a fast-paced world of fleeting images. Meghan has had the honour of carrying out many commissions for people of their loved ones, meaningful work that she appreciates deeply. And from her lovely studio nestled in her garden, to keep things fresh, from time to time she takes a turn at painting an animal friend. They can be as full of expression as people! Meghan is an award-winning and Signature Member (AFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists who exhibits frequently in juried group and community shows and private venues.
North Shore Art Crawl 2023