About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community event that celebrates the creative energy of local artists. The event features artists in approachable venues all throughout the North Shore, inviting community to engage with and learn about their practices. The North Shore Art Crawl energizes and inspires community through uplifting the arts.

Robert Zylstra

Medium: Acrylic, Illustration, Pen/Ink


3630 Robinson Rd.
North Vancouver

Opening Reception on Friday, October 13th, from 7-9pm

Ongoing Painting Demonstration
I will be painting live in my studio for the duration of the show.


Additional accessibility measures:

Note for Visitors

Parking is not available on the street but is available in the Lynn Canyon Parking lot at the back of the property which is where the access to the studio is. The public washrooms complete with baby change tables and water fountains are on the west side of the Lynn Canyon Cafe building.Payment to the artist can be made by cash, credit card (via paypal) or e-transfer.

About the Artist

I am a proud Lynn Valley artist who loves the North Shore. I am always in wonder of the park behind my home, often gaining inspiration from its vibrant beauty. I have worked in many different mediums, like wood carving and sandblasting glass, but I have always gone back to the simplicity of drawing and painting. I enjoy the decisions that I have to make during the process.I believe creativity exists within all of us in many different forms. It’s truly the essence of who we are, but like anything else, it needs to be practiced and used on a regular basis otherwise, it becomes stagnant and harder to access as we get older. It's this belief that keeps me working and practicing my craft but I will never be done.
North Shore Art Crawl 2023