About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community arts event that celebrates the creative energy of our local artists and enables cultural vitality. The objective is to feature artists in approachable and accessible art venues that encourage the community to connect and celebrate expression and diversity. We engage, inspire, and transform the North Shore through inclusive alliances among artists and the community.

About the North Shore Art Crawl

The North Shore Art Crawl celebrates the talent of local artists. Each spring, artists, local community galleries, commercial galleries, and art schools open their doors to the public to display their work and share their passion. The North Shore Art Crawl is inclusive of all art forms and includes artists working in a variety of media, including textiles, jewelry, pottery, graphic design, sculpture, painting, glass and photography.

This year, the 2021 North Shore Art Crawl will be a month-long online event. Scroll and swipe your way across the North Shore with the Online Art Crawl artist webpages detailing their studio practices.  This is a great opportunity for local visitors and remote browsers to meet the talented artists of the North Shore. All free, all month.

A Brief History

2020 Over 200 artists at 81 locations operated safely at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Over 280 artists at 91 locations with 25 hands-on demos & activities.
2018  Over 280 artists at 79 locations with 25 hands-on demos & activities. Over 16,000 visits were recorded.
2017   Over 280 artists at 73 locations including 28 hands-on demos & activities.
2016  Over 250 artists participated at 72 locations, offering 17 hands-on demos & activities over the weekend.  Over 10,000 visits were recorded.
2015  The NVCAC takes over the Art Crawl, expands to include area from Deep Cove to Lions Bay.  400 artists participated at 78 locations, offering 26 activities & demos.
2014  The North Vancouver Community Arts Council helps coordinate the North Shore Art Crawl.  The event grows to feature 300 artists and 75 locations.
2013  In its 3rd year, the North Shore Art Crawl again doubles its attendance and features 250 artists at 64 locations.
2012  The 2nd year of the North Shore Art Crawl boasts a doubling of attendance and participants, featuring 200 artists at 50 locations.
2011  The Crawl is started by two local artists, Norman Vipond and Sandrine Pelissier, with 100 artists displaying their work in their studios and galleries, 40 venues.