The Delight of Play, Theatre Lab

Sunday, November 6th, 2022
10am - 1pm
Maplewood House

Instructor:  Tom Cryan

‘A beginner’s performance workshop, guided by Tom Cryan, a multidisciplinary artist/clown living in Vancouver, and originally from New York. In this guided lab, participants were invited to encounter the ordinary and the unknown with play and delight through...

Art, Fungi & Plant Walk

Sunday, October 30, 2022
10am - Noon
Maplewood House

Instructor:  Willoughby Arevalo

Artist and mycologist, Willoughby Arevalo led participants on a walk to learn about local fungi and plants and how they interact with other members of their ecosystems, including humans.    Willoughby has been leading Art & Mycology at at Mountainside...

Forest Movement Practice

Saturday, October 29, 2022
Maplewood House

Instructor:  Isabelle Kirouac

This Forest Movement Practice is embodied meditations inspired by fungi! Autumn reveals the wonderful world of mushrooms. How do fungi move? Are mycelial networks similar to our own fascial web? How can we open our senses to connect with the natural world around us?...

Camp Creative Overview 2022

7 weeks of Camps in July and August

Instructor:  Multiple

North Van Arts strives to create ‘more than just a kids camp’ We ask our young artists to think beyond the walls of our camp venue to discover, learn and wonder about how art can shape our future. We have continued to explore themes...

Feathers & Fungi Make Your Own Birdwings!

Saturday, May 28
At Wild Bird Trust Maplewood Flats

Instructor:  Carmen Rosen

Feathers & Fungi Make Your Own Birdwings! Learn about your favourite local birds, then create your very own set of bird wings so you can “become” your bird. Artist Carmen Rosen will walk you through the steps of how to paint and assemble your wings. You can then...

Feathers & Fungi Make Your Own Paper Mâche Mushroom Puppet!

9:30am – 12:30pm
Sunday, May 29
Wild Bird Trust Maplewood Flats

Instructor:  Willoughby Arevalo

Feathers & Fungi Make Your Own Paper Mâche Mushroom Puppet!   Using sticks, paper, tape and glue, we will craft larger-than life mushroom puppets to carry in the Feathers and Fungi Parade, inspired by real mushroom species from here and around the world....