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Amy Lee

Watercolour, Acrylic, Clay


Website: amylee.ca/artist.php?xyz=1975

Email: amyleeart@yahoo.com

Over the years, my work has seen a constant process of change. My paintings have evolved from the initial focus on realism to a style I can only best describe as “semi- abstract recognizable realism”. I love to paint from imagination and not be guided say by a photograph. In so doing, the creativity factor can have free rein. My clay art has undergone similar changes. From traditional “tableware”, my pottery has taken on characteristics, though still functional, are more appealing to those who wish to acquire a collectible or decorative piece of art. My ceramic animal figurines, especially piglets, are meticulously hand-crafted, hollow, with special attention paid to their individual postures and facial expressions: happy, playful, pensive, mischievous, inquisitive, etc. I have been told by many that just looking at my figurines can have a therapeutic effect. All the beads for my ceramic jewellery are hand made from scratch. The larger beads are also rendered hollow for weight reduction. Every line, dot, or pictorial design is painstakingly drawn or painted on with a fine brush. All earring hooks are made of surgical steel for their anti- tarnish quality as well as for hypoallergenic reasons. Lastly, I take pride in purposely avoiding designing two pieces that are exactly the same. Truly, they are one of a kind!