About Arts Education

North Van Arts offers arts education in the form of courses, workshops, and camps programming for all ages, interests and abilities.

Anastasia Barabanova


Anastasia Barabanova is a professional artist painter with a strong artistic background.

She holds a Masters degree in Arts, within specialization in oil painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and a Bachelor of Education 2nd degree from Simon Fraser University.

Anastasia is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2012.

She has been participating in various art exhibitions in the Greater Vancouver area and in the USA since she moved to Canada in 2006. Her artwork has been collected worldwide.

Teaching art is passion. Anastasia has been providing art classes since 2015. She has been teaching in her home studio and in diverse school programs. She has experience of teaching various media including oil, acrylic, watercolor and resin art.

Her medium of choice is oil on canvas, which is an ideal match to her symbolic style that bridges the gap between classical school painting and decorative art. Her paintings often contain figurative elements that transcend the reality of everyday life.

She strongly believes in the power of creativity and art education. Anastasia is especially fascinated about the idea of early exposure to art and the creativity process. She perceives the process of painting as a way of getting closer to ourselves.

Her classes are engaging, emphasizing main ideas of creating from life and imagination. Students have fun while learning the necessary skills to develop their own artistic vision.

“I would like to stress the importance of the process over the results. I really want my students to enjoy what they are doing. My goal is to help them to be mindful about what they create and why. I believe this will help them to accept their art and progress.”