About The Shop

The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.

Ania Salmina

About Ania Salmina:

Ania is a mixed-media artist who incorporates unique strokes and a variety of vibrant colours to her figurative and abstract work. Her journey as an artist began at the young age of 11 when she started art classes. Later, when Ania reached high school, her interest shifted to Architecture. Once she graduated with a Master of Architecture Ania stand by her skills in visual art for long 8 years.
In 2020 while the world went crazy with the pandemic Ania was in the middle of sweet motherhood time. Calmly drawing every day in a living room studio between her mother’s chores she used her time to develop a unique way to capture people with huge hands and tiny heads. Ania names them “drawing jokes”.

Artist Statement: 
“The Girls” series speaks about women’s power, body positivity, self-care and fashion. It was a search for personal ambitions after losing myself in a fairytale of motherhood. It was an attempt to discover myself as a woman again in a new to me Canadian environment. It was my way to find new life goals during the changeable time.
I see the human bodies through my lenses with overwhelmed proportions. On my canvases, you find vivid colour combinations, sometimes even neon. My strokes are wild. The way I draw is a spontaneous process of my trained brain-hand connection. So, like anyone of you, I have no guess of how a sketch will look on paper.  I laugh while drawing because girls make me happy…