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Carol Demers

Mixed Media Artist & Ceramicist


Website: caroldemers.com

Email: carol.demers@shaw.ca

My work in painting and ceramics reflects my reaction to the natural world.  I seem to be always seeking to unearth the experience of a place and the poetry of things I see in nature. When I really pay attention to the details I have noticed…the sound in silence, the feeling of stillness, the light, the immense variation in the forest, the surf, beach finds…. when I can capture the essence of being outdoors and let it be expressed in paint or clay… on those days… I have found my way. I focus on the use of natural materials to render tactile surfaces.  For paintings I work in mixed media, including oil, pigments, graphite, plaster and encaustic and found objects. Although I do produce some functional ceramics, my practice is largely comprised of making organic forms that are coil built and burnished before being smoke fired in wood, sawdust and minerals.