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Catherine Fields

Acrylic, Mixed Media


Art Rental Collection

Website: catherinefieldsart.com

Email: catherinefieldsart@gmail.com

Phone: 604-984-0964

Catherine Fields was born in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1983, she emigrated to Canada and often credits the country’s accepting atmosphere with giving her the confidence and freedom to explore her creativity. She now paints and lives in North Vancouver with her family. Catherine’s passion to create abstract paintings is the way she has found to share her inner sense of the world. It isn’t always purely abstract, often having a sense of landscape and nature. She mostly uses bright colours representing her positive and enthusiastic approach to life. She paints intuitively, freely and with gusto. When she paints, her emotions guide her into the painting and take over until she feels the work is complete. Traveling, hiking and nature are her three primary sources of energy and provide her the inspiration and drive to create the abstract work that she loves to do. For more than a decade, Catherine has shown her work and sold paintings in Switzerland, France, Germany, and British Columbia, as well as sold her work to collectors in England, Thailand, and Alberta. ​