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Celinda Stevens

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Wood

Born in Acapulco Mexico into a family of artists, writers, poets and musicians, I developed an appreciation for art since early in life. I have lived in Canada for the best part of my life and I feel deep inspiration from the many colours of nature that I humbly portrait in canvas. My passion is painting  and I have explored different mediums such as oils, acrylics, water colours and pastels, however, I have a special connection to oil painting due to its flexibility to movement, texture and mixture of colours.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world and I love the many different cultures and ways of life that have taught me to see the beauty in its most simple forms. Through my art, I communicate my passion for life and love of nature.

I feel very honoured that my paintings have been exhibited in Mexico and Canada and have given me the opportunity to share my art in the corporate world as well as private.