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Claudia Wiebe

Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings

My artwork is a reflection of my life…surrounded by very painful and melancholic memories, as well as many happy and wonderful experiences. I like to communicate life’s experiences through my paintings. I believe art speaks to the soul, some days like a soft whisper and other days like a loud roar. Regardless, I always listen to my inner voice. I am deeply passionate and emotional, creating with freedom and intuition as each brush stroke reflects my memories and experiences. Art opens an internal dialogue for me and mirrors my emotions of the moment. New perspectives unfold as each painting takes shape on the canvass, and often provide me with healing. When I begin, I often start with just a word, a sentence, or an emotion. I then create layers of color and captivating texture, constantly adding and taking away, as the story slowly begins to emerge on the canvas. For me, it almost feels like a continuous dance until all of the emotions are expressed. Each moment along the way has significance and can lead to a change in direction, as I take creative risk, embrace the unpredictable, but never abandon my intuition. As I continue to explore through my art, my hope is that my authentic and unique experiences expressed in my paintings also leave lots of room for everyone’s own imagination and interpretation, and that each piece touches someone deeply. I have fulfilled this goal when my art resonates with you and sparks your soul.