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Crystal Rassi

Oil on Canvas


Website: crystalrassi.com

Email: crystalrassi@gmail.com

Hi. I’m a North Vancouver Artist who grew up in the Canadian prairies, so you could say I’ve got dual homes like so many others who live in Canada. I love to celebrate the diverse landscapes of the places I’ve visited and lived in Canada that inspire me most. My work can be described as “whimsically serious”, “nostalgic”, “ethereal”, and “enchanting”.

I have university education in Fine Arts from Augustana University College in Alberta, and the University of Saskatchewan. I also have a degree in design and architecture from the University of Manitoba. Throughout my design career I’ve always painted and participated in shows and fairs while also raising a family. I am currently a full time artist excited to continue my artistic expression of our inspiring and diverse country.

banner image: Enchanted