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The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.

Danny Kostyshin


Website: http://www.dannykostyshin.com

About Danny Kostyshin:
Danny was born on July 31 1952 in Stettler Alberta Canada. From 1972- 1976 he attended The Vancouver School Of Art and graduated in 1976, with a Diploma in fine Arts, Ceramics. In 1984 at Emily Carr University, Danny did some post grad ceramics. He was a participant in Ceramic Programs at Banff School of Fine Arts, with Robert Arenson, Ulla Viotti in the late 80’s and early 1990’s.
Danny has had small private studios in rental situations that no longer exist. In early 2000’s he became a member of The Burnaby Potter’s Guild, where he still works to date.
Danny’s work has been in exhibits in Tea Related international Exhibitions, from Taiwan at a Department store, “Star Talee”, and at a Cultural Center in Taiwan. Singapore, Belgium, Nashville, USA, and, more international exhibits of his ‘tea cup related’ work.
During 1999-2001 Danny created 30 porcelain plates – a ceramic concept to capture the time frame of the change of the 20th into 21st century. He calls this MY Millennium Plate Project. Danny has also created Ceramic Condom Boxes, in 1988, to speak about a tabu subject at the time safe sex practices. 
Artist Statement:
I encourage the use and enjoyment of handmade, functional ceramic objects in our daily domestic rituals around food and beverages. I believe in the holistic ideals of potters, and their pots. All pots become part of our personal environment and reflect a modern aesthetic in our homes. The intimate quality that a functional pot allows provides a daily interaction with an object that is used and becomes loved for that reason. I believe this allows for a sense of patience to develop, something this 21st century might have to consider.