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Dianna Burns

Oil Painting

Dianna Burns was born in Weyburn Saskatchewan. As the daughter of a railroader, she learned to love the wide open spaces and sunshine of roaming the prairies. She drew as a vital part of her being as soon as she could hold a red crayon. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Psychology at the University of Regina with as many fine art electives as possible. She continued to study art through the University of Saskatchewan Extension Division in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Her studies continue at UBC. She has painted with zeal since 1997. She started painting on objects such as t-shirts, pottery pots, furniture and floor cloths. While taking a graphic design course she became inspired to paint in Acrylic and eventually in Oil on Canvas. Dianna has exhibited in 23 Group and 25 solo shows and has taken 44 Art related classes from a myriad of mentors. She likes to challenge herself by using a variety of mediums, materials and new sources of inspiration to find ways of expressing herself. She finds beauty in a multiplicity of sources and is constantly pulled in every direction. She allows herself to let the creative process flow through her and when she arrives in the studio she begins the process of laying paint down without knowing exactly what direction it will take. It is an intuitive way to paint and brings her immense joy. She is an active participant of Razstone studios in the Strathcona district in the downtown East side of Vancouver. She shows her work in The East Side Culture Crawl, The Drift, Art In The City, North Vancouver Arts Council, and on line at www.saatchi.com/diannaburns. Please feel free to contact Dianna with comments, questions or to see more of her work (604) 564-5166 or burnsdianna@gmail.com.