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Donna Giraud

Acrylic on Canvas


Studio: The Space An Art Gallery

Studio address: 1063 Hamilton Street, Vancouver V6B 5T4

Website: donnagiraudart.com

Email: info@donnagiraud.com

Self taught, abstract painter Donna Giraud’s large scale acrylic on canvas works are richly textured and rendered in thick expanses of pigment. Interested in capturing the “authentic” stories of human existence, her horizontal compositions fuse an abstract and gestural aesthetic with intimate, deep-seated psychological narrative. Inspired by human existence itself – its challenges, disappointments, triumphs, and dreams – her works are visceral, and draw the viewer deep into their enchanting folds. Abstract meets atmospheric, with low saturation hues and smoky void space occupying the fore of these vigorous compositions. Raw earth, rainfall, erosion and natural disasters could be references, with each painting rich with both tactile reality and the most powerful and absorbing kind of sensitivity to our feelings towards it. Committed to art as a spontaneous and therapeutic process, Donna’s creates works that are layered with ample residues of emotional physicality.