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Elahe Nour Bakhsh

Oil, Mixed Media

Elahe Nour Bakhsh was born in Iran in 1964. She grew up in an artistic atmosphere. With her mother as a professional painter, Elahe realized that painting was her true calling. Elahe began studying painting in 1996 under the supervision of Karim Nasr, one of the most famous painters in Iran. She studied painting in his class for over seven years.

After immigrating to Vancouver in 2008, Elahe was accepted as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and at the Vancouver Drawing Society in 2010. Since 2011 she has also been a member of Artists in Our Midst. She is an expressive painter and nature has a strong influence on her.

Her portraits are abstract, and she conveys her emotions through colors, textures and line placements. The three categories she paints in are: collages, figurative and landscapes. Collage paintings allow her great artistic freedom as she can use anything from texture, color and shape to express her creativity and abstract thoughts. When drawing figures she emphasizes the portrayal of the model’s personality and mood, rather than a realistic likeness. When she paints landscapes “en plein air” she is influenced by every sound, smell and movement of nature and she generally uses oil, acrylic and ink as her medium.