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Esmie Gayo McLaren

paintings in watercolour, oil, & acrylic


Website: esmiegayomclaren.com

My greatest joy in painting is in convincingly conveying emotion or energy on my paper or canvas.  Dramatic or soft contrasts, emotive colors, and varied textures are my tools to bring my subjects to life.  I engage the viewer with what I see and feel about the subject and how it affects me.  To do so is to go beyond the technical shapes and lines and lean on intuition, knowledge, senses, and fragments of memory.

My choice of subjects is eclectic. It honors my environment and expresses my societal concerns. Contemporary and unpolished, my figurative imagery straddles emotions of rapture and sadness. As woman and global citizen, I am impassioned by the beauty and struggles of humans and wish to highlight issues that each viewer can applaud or resolve to change.