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Heather MacNeil

Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting

Originally from Montreal, Heather moved to the West Coast in 1994 feeling drawn to its natural beauty. Prior to moving west, she lived in Toronto and overseas in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany where she was inspired by rich artistic environments.

Heather has explored working in oils, watercolors, mixed media and acrylics with her paintings ranging from semi-representational to abstract. Currently, she is focusing on abstract compositions using acrylics and experimenting with some mixed media. She has exhibited her artwork in many shows in Vancouver, Victoria, and nearby areas. Her paintings are in private collections across Canada, in the U.S. and New Zealand.

Artist Statement
Inspiration for my work comes from a deeply felt connection with nature, and the interplay of colors, shapes and objects in my environment. I often incorporate vibrant colors, bold brushwork and gestural marks in my work. While I may initially be drawn to an image or concept, I then work in a spontaneous and intuitive way being mindful of the relationship of the elements to the whole. The emphasis is on the process of exploration and discovery, creating a dialogue with the painting as a feeling is evoked and the image emerges.