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Hoorasa Sahandpour

Acrylic, Oil

Hoorasa Sahandpour was born in an artist family in Iran. Hoorasa’s father was a writer and theatre director. Hoorasa along with his father, his artist father became interested in painting and singing and making movies and theatre.

  Hoorasa has had painting exhibitions in many European countries, one of the most important of which is the first place in oil painting in Germany and the third place in oil painting in Italy. Hoorasa, her education is a master’s degree in physical education and she is a professional athlete, her painting talent is a family and genetic talent, and of course, she has gained training and skills with great masters.

Hoorasa immigrated to Canada in 2024 because she sees the country’s welcoming atmosphere as giving her self-confidence and the freedom to explore her creativity.

Being an athlete, Hoorasa spends a lot of time walking and exercising in nature, and this is the way to get more energy in the beautiful nature of Vancouver and inspire her to create amazing works.

Hoorasa has created many works in nearly two decades of her life and has sold her works in America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Iran.

Hoorasa sings while painting because singing is one of the family’s talents, her short film won an award in Finland, and her theatre in Iran became one of the best-selling theatres of that summer.