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Janice Jia Duan

Painting and New Media


Website: duan-jia-art.com

Email: duanjia318@gmail.com

I was an integrated artist, a filmmaker, animator, digital artist. In addition to painting and writing, I also did photography and music arrangement. Before I came to Canada, I was a professor at China Film University. I immigrated to Canada in 2015. Then I retired and fully settled in North Vancouver. Now I am an independent artist, and my home is my studio. I mainly engaged in painting and writing here, although I have a documentary about nature and people [Swan Lake Diary] still waiting for final completion. I grew up in an artist family, so I learned to draw since I was a child. My paintings explore different forms of expression and are on the way. I am very happy to meet so many artists here. Hope to be friends with you, and have more artistic exchanges here, as well as opportunities to continue research and study with you. Thanks!