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Jeanette Schisler Coldwell Creations

Jeanette Schisler, the woodworker behind Coldwell Creations, supports the circular economy by creating handcrafted woodworking from reclaimed and repurposed materials. Each piece and collection tells a story from its past life. Each quirk, ding, dent, or hint of residual stain is highlighted in its new simplistic form that showcases the beauty already ingrained in wood. From candle holders made from table legs to vases made from lumber offcuts – see what can be created from what was considered waste headed for the landfill. 

Jeanette believes in contributing to the ‘little town in a big city’ feel of Deep Cove where she was raised and is raising her kids. She is one of the volunteer organizers behind the Deep Cove Community Market series – a market that focuses on connecting businesses, community groups and residents while showcasing handmade and eco forward wares made by local artisans. When not in her workshop you can find Jeanette on and off the trails, at her Indian Arm family cabin, or tending to her veggie garden.