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Jia Duan

Scholar artist:Professor & Filmmaker (Animation and Documentary Director), Painter & Writer & Curator


Website: duan-jia-art.com

Email: duanjia318@gmail.com

As a filmmaker, Jia mainly produce animation and documentary. As a female artist, each of her works is self-written self-directed and art director, some works are music arranger and independent produce herself. Whether her films are animated films or documentaries, like her paintings and literature, they are poetic and aesthetic.

Jia also is a naturalistic protectionist. In addition to planning the China International Environmental Protection Exhibition, she started filming and production of her own documentary: “Diary of Swan Lake” in Shandong China for ten years. This was a true story of beautiful loneliness and brave sadness. The film production uses woodblock print animation combined with the actual shooting style.

As a Painter, Jia’s paintings include figures, landscapes and creations, using oil painting, acrylic, water pink, and sketching. The styles of each period are somewhat different. It embodies her exploration on the road of painting. But no matter how the style changes, the breath is independent and personal. In China be called “Literati Painting”.

In addition to being a director, she also did photography for her own documentary “Diary of Swan Lake” . She also did some photography works when she lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.