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Joe Cash




I have been living in BC since 1980, and on the North Shore since 1994. For the most part I make paintings in oil on board, canvas or linen; sometimes using acrylic to speed the process when doing the underpainting, but always working over in oil. I like the finish in oil and the ability to work the surface longer. I also like to be able to layer the paint on a surface to build richer colour and to glaze. Even when working with water colour I prefer gouache to transparent colours, as I can layer colour without making the painting muddy.

Lately I have been making paintings of BC coastal landscapes on the fringe of the urban or semi urban environment. The images may appear to be in a remote location, but there is interaction with a human presence in the form of abandoned driftwood logs with obvious cut marks, the presence of a freighter, or a glimpse of a structure. The paintings with beach logs in particular look at the cycle of death and renewal and suggest a tipping point in our relationship with nature.