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Julie Fox



Website: juliefoxartist.com

Email: juliefoxartist@gmail.com

Phone: 604.306.5075

Julie Fox is best known for private commissions or donated illustrations for a variety of fundraising events on the North Shore. Her work shares meaning through whimsical designs, fine detail and brilliant colour captivating audiences of all ages.

As her family grows older and family life changes, Julie finds herself and her painting shifting. Time is allowing her room for deeper exploration of her own personal meaning rather than client-based illustration. Julie has always been drawn to all aspects of nature, and looks forward to all the inspirations and new challenges this new path has to offer.
Watercolour has been her choice of medium, but currently Julie is embracing the versatility of acrylics which is exciting as she follows impulse and intuition leading her towards the more abstract.

As Julie’s focus evolves, there are a few constants for her – the passion for colour, the intention to share meaning, and the desire to create a heartfelt impression with the viewer.
If you would like more information, please take a glimpse of Julie’s past work on her website: juliefoxartist.com