About The Shop

The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.

Junko Noda

Hello everyone! My name is Junko (pronounced June-ko), and I create various jewelry, bookmarks, and key-chains using resin.

Although I’m from Japan, I think some, if not most of my inspiration for my resin art pieces comes from western culture. Growing up in the countryside of Japan, I liked collecting flowers and drying them out to have them on display. There are however many different flowers and plants that have different colours and patterns in Canada that are not present in Japan, that I like to include in my resin art pieces. I like to think about creating something that brings comfort to others, that they can keep with them wherever they go. Also be able to accessorize with something that is much more natural and real.

There are some challenges with encasing items in resin, mainly if they are too big, but sometimes the most interesting results do happen when I experiment with different items. Sand was a great one to try, and resulted in my popular ocean style resin art. I do get excited when I find something new, I want to try encasing in resin, and see how it looks as I take it out of the mold, but getting the next great and exciting style is always a trial and failure workflow.

Find Junko’s work in The Shop at CityScape at 335 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver.