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Libby Dybikowski



I think of my work as an extension of Visceral Me, a way of sharing my feelings and impressions, often calm, sometimes edgy.

I paint in acrylic to create vibrant images of people, horses, landscapes and studies in abstract.  For subjects, I draw on the unique features of the British Columbia I know best — Vancouver and the Nicola Valley, on my lifetime of travels, studies and relationships.

My work is known for vibrancy, bold brushwork, and honest, simple themes with lasting appeal.  I like to work quickly and spontaneously, and enjoy the freedom that acrylic paints give me. With no patience for repetition as means to technical improvement, my work is less photographic than that of others, but often evocative in impressionistic subject revelation.

A lifelong appreciator of the arts, including music, theatre, dance and fine art, I am graduate of McGill University in French language and literature, with a year at the Université Aix-Marseille and two summers at Cornell’s Hotel School. My professional achievements prior to painting included management strategist, negotiator, and founder of a successful national executive search business.