About The Shop

The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.

Lilian Art Studio


Website: www.lillianartstudio.com

About Azi Yousefi:
Azi Yousefi, a floral and abstract artist, her preffered medium is acrylic on canvas, which allows her to express her feelings. She says:” Each composition, shaping and
transformation is a journey for me. When I feel my art piece is complete, happiness is Moving on to another one”. Azi believes that the medium is just a tool and the artist is able to use her creativity in other ways. Azi is ready to explore other artistic avenues. She was involved in pottery and crafts, where she enjoyed experimenting with different materials.
Azi was born in Iran and currently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and enjoys attending art exhibitions in this beautiful city.

Cotton Baskets made by Azi:
The%100 Cotton baskets are handmade and embellished with different materials such as beads, semi-precious stones, felt, or leather.
They are useful as a decorative item or when used to contain small personal items,
such as jewelry.

Pottery made by Azi:
These potteries are %100 hand build; it means no wheel for making them.
All are glazed and food safe. Each piece is one of a kind, no repeated.