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Lorn Curry

Oil Painting


Art Rental Collection

Studio: 758 Copping Street, Unit 202, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G6

Website: lorncurry.com

Email: info@lorncurry.com

Lorn Curry is an artist based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. He acquired his painting skills with master mentors and through self-directed studies.

Inspired by the European hyperrealist and photorealist masters, he also cites fellow Canadian east coast artist Mary Pratt as having had a major influence on his work.

His art is an ongoing exploration of the constants of life that connect us all as human beings through place and through time: cherished objects, childhood memories, and shared daily experiences.

A member of the International Guild of Realism, signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and member of the North Shore Artists’ Guild, his paintings have won numerous awards and are found in private and corporate collections across North America and Europe.

His medium is oil paint. His message, notwithstanding your parents’ advice, is that you should play with your food.