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Lydia Cecilia





My name is Lydia Cecilia. I am a Spanish visual artist focused on collage. I lived a few years in Dresden, Germany, and currently I am based in Vancouver.

I have been showcasing my work in international events:
2019 Art on Paper, New York City, USA.
2019 Art Market, San Francisco. USA.
2019 Paste Up!, International Collage Festival, City of Mexico, Mexico.
2019 Art Vancouver 2019, a piece selected for the Contest ‘Uniting Nations Through Art’.

Also, I have been participating in local events:
RAW Event : REFLECT at Celebrities.
Uncovered Art Festival at the Chinese Cultural Center.
Made in the 604 Pop up Market, Heritage Hall Main Street.
Art in the Gardens, North Vancouver.

My work has been published in artist magazines:
“When she began being herself” Artit Magazine. Issue No. 4, Autumn 2018. Pages 23.
“Disappearing” Ctrlv Journal . Issue No. 2, Winter 2019.
“Futile” Oltre Collage Magazine . Issue No. 3, April 2019.

In my body of work is hidden the disagreement with the established social hierarchies and the necessity to break the social limitations which simplify us. A change in our social background is needed due to the inability of our society to accept the immense complexity and variety of identities which forms it.

Collage allows me to break the preexisting hierarchies and to explore new realities. My creative process break the roles stablished and try to create a role-less society which be more free and inclusive.