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Marcia Meyer Music


Box 63524, Capilano P.O.


In composing, I attempt to paint pictures with music; to create atmospheres of evocative sounds using a vast array of instruments. From my early explorations on Phases (1981), through the popular Oregon Summer (1984), and the ambient soundscapes expressed in both Oregon Summer and Natural Reflections (1989), I’ve tried to challenge myself to create vivid, musical depictions of nature. Beyond One; the latest undertaking is a completely improvised work, created on the spot with west coast musician, songwriter and friend Paul Marcano (see videos link below). As with all my music, I continually focus attention on themes and melodies I hope will sneak into your consciousness and linger timelessly. See my website to purchase my music.

From time to time I make myself available to teach a disciplined, improvisational, style of piano with one-on-one instruction in Vancouver BC. My methods emphasize good tone production as well as improvisational techniques. Musical improvisation is akin to conversation; a musical discussion between players on their chosen instrument. If you have a basic training and understanding of piano and the ability to carry on a conversation I believe you have the ability to improvise and create on the piano! Interested in studying piano and live in the vicinity of Vancouver, BC? Click the website link to contact me and make arrangements.