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Marcia Meyer Music

Composer / Piano Instructor


Studio: Box 63524, Capilano P.O.

Studio address: North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P1

Website: marciameyermusic.com

Email: marcia@marciameyermusic.com

Currently as Co President of the North Shore Branch of the Registered Teachers’ my main focus these days is on private piano instruction. As a piano instructor, I teach all styles of music, RCM exam preparation, jazz, pop and improvisational techniques. Emphasis is on good tone production, approaching piano correctly and, that factor that brings us all together in music – the beat!

I teach techniques that emphasize the development of informal nuances in composition to promote superior and free flowing, tone-rich productions. In my opinion, music improvisation is akin to “an information exchange of sound in a conversation between instruments and melodies”. If you have a basic training and understanding of piano and the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation there is a high probability that you have the ability to improvise and create new and exciting original works.

If you are interested in studying piano or advanced piano improvisation, whether you live in the vicinity of North Vancouver, BC or any where in the world for online lessons, contact me at the above email to make arrangements.