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Maria Arroyo

Acrylic, charcoal, coloured pencil, water colour, soft pastel


Email: mabetharroyo@yahoo.com

Artist Bio.

Maria Arroyo was a Pharmacist from Philippines. Upon emigrating to Canada and worked in other jobs, she nurtured her love for painting. She joined art classes in Seniors Confederation Club under the mentorship of Gabriela D. Her works were exhibited online by arts council in Calgary and British Columbia. Most of her subject for painting are nature landscape, pacific beach and pet portrait. Her most well used medium is acrylic paint, but she also has done charcoal, coloured pencil, water colour and soft pastel.

Artist Statement

Painting is just like any other activities that one can enjoy and develop. Painting is peaceful, therapeutic and best brain exercise when doing so.
Likewise viewers can find peace and joy by mere looking at the art.