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Marika Morissette

Acrylic Pour Paintings

Marika is a visual artist specializing in acrylic pour paintings. She is passionate about creating original, beautiful artwork. Her creations are unique and intriguing, going deep into the space of creativity and hopefulness. Marika finds pour painting to be incredibly freeing since she literally gets to “go with the flow.” The process serves as a metaphor and allows her to take risks and use her feelings as a compass. She sets the emotional tone for each piece by choosing colours and techniques, and then lets the direction reveal itself through the visual transformation that takes place organically.

Using silicone oil as an additive to create stunning, bright cells in her creations, Marika experiments with different approaches including blowing, dirty cup pours, bottle-bottom pours, balloon kisses and the swipe method. She feels exhilarated as she torches over her paintings, anticipating the gorgeous cells that she intuitively knows will appear. Pour painting has become a spiritual practice, and she’s grateful for its therapeutic effects.

Marika is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the FCA Fraser Valley Chapter. She is also a member of the Burnaby Artist’s Guild and North Van Arts, as well as an associate member of the Surrey Arts Council. She finds freedom and joy through her art and strives to inspire others to lead creative lives. Her work is available for sale on Etsy under the shop name MarikaFluidArt.