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Meghan Sharir

Oil, Watercolour

Based in West Vancouver, Meghan is an award-winning and Signature Member (AFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists who exhibits frequently in juried group and community shows and private venues and undertakes regular commissions.

Meghan is primarily a portrait artist, working mainly in oil. Her driving obsession as an artist is to expand her understanding of the human form to be able to clearly and effectively share an expression, pose or attitude with the viewer. She loves how portraiture allows for an immersive observation of other people that we are not normally afforded, a time of deep attention in a fast-paced world of fleeting images. Her objective as an artist is to share what she sees in the people and the world around her: to draw the viewer’s attention to something they might otherwise have missed, to focus attention on an attitude, a moment of beauty, or a quirk of humanity.

Meghan had a life-long interest in art but began painting gradually, after a degree in International Relations followed by years living in Europe, then sailing around the world, then raising a family. She worked as a teacher, a secretary, and a coordinator for women and environment for an international NGO, amongst many other things. Her artistic training is as eclectic as her life experience and includes two years in Fine Arts at UBC, classes at Emily Carr, frequent workshops and classes with local and international artists, and countless hours standing in art museums all over the world.