About The Shop

The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.

Nanxi Liu

Nanxi has been working at architecture offices since she graduated from architecture school. After quitting her full time job as an architectural designer in March 2022, Nanxi serendipitously got herself into traditional printmaking. The process of printmaking brought her close to her heart with peace nd grace. Even though she never had any professional artistic training, she took a leap of faith to make printmaking as part of her career. During winter 2022, she opened her Etsy store and started to sell her artwork at craft markets.

Nanxi ‘s work is inspired by mother nature. Currently she is using two type of printmaking methods, monotype printing and linocut printing. All her prints are handprinted. When making monotype prints, the artist paints on a piece of plate and transfers the image on paper. For linocut prints, she carves her design on a piece of linoleum blocks, rolls ink on the blocks and then transfers the ink on paper.