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Natasha Dash

Ink, Mix Media, Certified Zentangle Teacher


Website: dashtangles.com

Email: dashtangles@gmail.com

Natasha Dash is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She began her Zentangle journey in 2016 and has enjoyed many benefits of “tangling”. Natasha uses tangling as a healthy and creative way to deal with stress and access a state of relaxed focus. She is always amazed by the beautiful art she is able to create using the method of Zentangle which has really built her confidence as an artist. Natasha’s favourite part of teaching the method of Zentangle is that each student is given the same instructions, but every tile produced looks so different and unique, just like each person.

Natasha is a passionate lifelong learner and when she is not teaching tangling or creating her own Zentangle art, she is teaching Kindergarten in the North Vancouver School District. Natasha also loves attending live music events, travelling with her husband, participating in art and craft classes, and hosting game nights with friends and family.

It has been said that Zentangle brings fantastic people together, and Natasha has so much gratitude and appreciation for all the amazing people she has met while on her Zentangle journey. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion of the method of Zentangle with you!