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Nilufar Moayeri


Studio address: 7783172029

Website: http://nilufermoayeri.com

Email: nilufarmoayeri@googlemail.com

Phone: https://youtu.be/a72vZ2ZR1I0?si=8jMnSbKzQryJ8DQS

Nilufar Moayeri was born in Tehran in 1970. At a very young age she took up Arts and Art History lessons which got her deeply interested in Fine Arts. She was accepted into the Fine Arts Department of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul in 1993 where she attended and completed a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Traditional Painting. She received a Master’s of Arts degree in Textile and Fashion Design and a Phd in Film Studies from Beykent University.

She is the Academic Director of Pera Fine Arts Academy Drawing and Painting Department and Art Director of Pera Art Gallery Istanbul and Vancouver. She has been teaching Drawing and Art History in Palazzo Spilelli Academy of Arts in Florence, Italy since 2003.

As the Art Director of Pera Fine Arts she has been actively involved in many European Union Academic projects. In these projects, she participated in meetings, workshops, activities, seminars and teaching sessions in many European cities.

She initiated an annual Creative Costume Design competition for art students in year 2000 which has become a traditional art engagement and exposition in Istanbul. Nilufar has curated and organized many exhibits for artists both locally and abroad. She has designed costumes for many professional Theatre plays including plays performed in PERA Theatre. She was nominated for Best Costume Design in the 2009 Afife Jale Artistic Awards, Istanbul. As an artist, Nilufar has been inspired by Mesopotamian goddess as she represents in her work and composition of the elements, excavating them from a historical subconscious and bringing them to a contemporary, cross-cultural daylight. Nilufar’s work has been displayed in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Istanbul, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Peking, Florence, Rome, Milan, and Brussels.

Recently she has written and directed her first short film titled, “Amore Mio Firenze”.