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Polly Almond

Poetry, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Hi, I’m Polly Almond! Originally from Russia, I now create art and write poetry in North Vancouver. My artistic journey started in arts-focused high school, evolved through university studies in journalism and literature, and took a major turn when I moved to Canada at 18. Adjusting to a new language and culture was tough, and I eventually put my artistic passions on hold to pursue a career in law for stability.
But everything changed during the pandemic. The quiet moments and isolation reignited my love for art and poetry, and now, I’m fully back in, more inspired than ever.
My art focuses on women’s empowerment, everyday magic, and the echoes of Eastern European folklore that remind me of home. I mainly paint with acrylics and mixed media, striving to weave stories into each piece.
Alongside painting, I write poems that I illustrate with pencil and ink. These aren’t just words on a page—they’re conversations, meant to stir emotions and spark thoughts.
I hope my work resonates with you, offering new perspectives and a glimpse into diverse experiences!