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Presentation House Theatre



Studio: 333 Chesterfield Avenue

Studio address: North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9

Website: phtheatre.org

Email: boxoffice@phtheatre.org

Phone: 604-990-3474

Presentation House Theatre’s 2023-2024 Fall Season includes:

KIDSPLAY: Theatre for Young Audiences
HEAVY AND LIGHT – Canadian English-Language Premiere!
October 5-15
by Marga Koop and Winfried Wrede
produced by Presentation House Theatre
Ages 3-7
Imagine a world where a stone can become a balloon!
Does a stone ever wonder what it’s like to fly? Do they sleep? Do they dream? Does a balloon long to be free from the earth? Where do they go if they fly away? We might not know what goes on in each other’s heads, but we’re curious to find out in this whimsical exploration of opposites. Hold on tight because this amusing adventure just might lift you off your feet!

December 1-17
by Tim Webb and Kim Selody
produced by Presentation House Theatre and Oily Cart Theatre
Ages 3-7
It’s Baking Time! The smell of freshly baked bread drifts through the audience as master bakers Bun and Bap try to contain a sticky situation – they’ve over-yeasted a lively batch of dough and it’s GROWING. When Yeasty Beasty rises up and begins to chase newly baked baby Loafy through forests, oceans, and floury snowstorms, Bap and Bun spring to action. But what are they to do? It’s a recipe for pure joy! Expect baking antics, lively music, and lots of opportunities for the audience to safely join in the fun.

October 19-31
by Stephen Mallatratt
produced by CLASSical ACT Collective
Age: 12+ (Intended for mature audiences)

Aging solicitor, Arthur Kipps, can’t forget the eerie experiences that plagued his younger years. Eager to excise the ghosts of his past, he engages a young actor to bring his stories to life, never expecting the haunting to return and curse them both. Ghostly sounds swirl, eyes are deceived, and spines are left tingling as the very essence of “the Woman” is conjured.

November 2-12
produced by Blackout Arts Society
Presentation House Theatre co-presenter of Theatre Series
Age: 12+

Presentation House Theatre is proud to co-present the Theatre Series in the 3rd annual STAND Festival, a celebration of immigrant and refugee performing artists. With intriguing performances by artists from around the world, STAND offers the chance to connect with inspiring newcomer artists and their stories.

September 23, October 21, November 25
Age: 14+

Pablo Zacarías, a Mexican comedian who came to Vancouver to pursue the Canadian Dream, is now divorced – like 50% of the population in the pandemic – and in addition to going to therapy, has prepared a new stand-up show about singleness in your 40s and the myths of the Canadian Dream. Don’t miss this unique comedic and musical experience fully in Spanish for the first time in North Vancouver with one of Canada’s most beloved Hispanic comedians. With special guests, Elvia Pinilla (Colombia) and Majo Rivadeneyra (Mexico)!

December 13 & 17
produced by Presentation House Theatre
Age: All ages

Come gather around for a festive singalong of holiday favourites! We’ll bring the song sheets, you bring your voices, and together we’ll make some holiday cheer. A casual and warm embrace of the songs of the season.

Tickets for the 2023-2024 season are now on sale at phtheatre.org/box-office/