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Reyan Bakht

Mixed Media Artist

I started making art in 2016 without any background or experience in art. At first, I did not have any intention to make art or becoming an artist. I just wanted to apply an art therapy technique that I had learned in the past. I scribbled without aiming to draw anything specific and looked for images inside my random scribbled lines and highlighted what it was already in there. This is a technique that gives you the opportunity to freely express yourself and see what is going on inside you. I used this technique as a therapeutic and soothing activity to improve my mental health, without having any art knowledge and skills. I enjoyed the way I could express myself with my drawings and I felt I could effortlessly find interesting images in my random lines. I started to teach myself to use watercolor to give more life to my images. I found such joy and freedom in art, to the extent that I decided to take a break from my profession (psychology/research) to focus on my art. I like not to limit myself with any specific media or styles. I found out that each could work differently depending on my mood and what I have to express. So far, I explored watercolor, acrylic, ink and collage. I love sharing my art and hearing my viewers’ feedback and how they read my art. I love seeing other artists’ works and learn about their ideas and what they say through art.