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Reyhaneh Bakhtiari

oil painter

Reyhaneh Bakhtiari is an internationally acclaimed oil painting artist.  She was born in Tehran, Iran and showed artistic talent at a young age.  She went to England when she was 19, where she attended Swindon College, University of London, and continued her studies.  In 1997 she received a Diploma of Excellence from the Fourth International Female Artist Art Annual hosted by Art Addiction International Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.  Since then, she has participated in more than 30 oil painting exhibitions throughout Europe, China, Iran, Canada and the United States.

Living in North Vancouver, Reyhaneh continues to paint, teach, and play an active role in the community.  Reyhaneh’s oil painting reflects her subjects, embellishing her love for nature, beauty, culture, architecture and history – often with an undertone of artistic purpose conveying mystical illusion.

Reyhaneh strives to be part of the whole community and the artistic community on the North Shore.  Her involvement has included being a jury member for the Lonsdale Banner Competition, winning the Evergreen Mosquito Creek Sign Project in the City of North Vancouver and winning a jury prize for the North Vancouver Community Arts Council’s Art Rental programme (2004).  During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Reyhaneh’s ‘Winter Sports’ oil paintings were displayed at North Vancouver City Hall and Centennial Theatre.  In 2012, Reyhaneh received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.