About Arts Education

North Van Arts offers arts education in the form of courses, workshops, and camps programming for all ages, interests and abilities.

Riley Oneill


While battling off the urge to immerse myself in consumer culture, I like to generate my own semi-consumable culture by scribbling on paper and pointing my camera at people and other animals when I get the chance. I’ve been drawing critters since 2nd grade and have been taking my camera a little too seriously since 2014. 

Through my little creations, I strive to invent new techniques and combinations of techniques that liberate our materials from rigidity towards new, unusual forms with perverse potential. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from Simon Fraser University and I am currently working on two projects funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. I have taught in South Korea and Japan and currently instruct classes with the Richmond Arts Centre and North Van Arts.