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Roxsane K. Tiernan

Chigiri-e, acrylic, mixed media


Website: roxsanetiernanartist.com

Roxsane Tiernan is an award winning British Columbia artist, an international traveler and educator. She soaks up local color, customs and cultural influences. These cross-cultural experiences stimulate her imagination and creativity. This along with her love of nature provides as endless variety of subjects for her art.

As an artist the discovery of Chigiri-e’ opened her creative channels. She enjoys the variety of papers, the feel of paper, it can be sturdy or fragile; bright or hazy; fibrous or sheer—gauzy. She loves it all.

Her work can be found in private and corporate collections locally, nationally and internationally.

Images of her work can be seen on www.MyArtClub.com under Artist-Roxsane Tiernan; The Group4Art; and Burnaby Artists Guild; on Etsy.com in Roxssart. You can e-mail her at tiernanroxsane3@gmail.com.

Roxsane will lead us in a hands-on workshop that will give all of us the opportunity to stretch our right-brain to create a small piece of Chigiri-e’. In describing the art, Roxsane writes: Chigiri-e’ is a centuries old Japanese traditional Art. Chigiru is Japanese for “to tear” and “e’” means Art. The paper used is Mulberry based. Some is thinner than ½ a Kleenex. Some has extra long, random fibres; all are colourfast.


Madeira Morning chigiri-e on canvas 20×16 inches $575 framed

Towards the Tantalus 1 chigiri-e on watercolour paper 25×24 inches $895 framed

Dark Waters, chigiri-e on watercolour paper, 30×22 inches $1895

Garment Series #1 acrylic on watercolour paper 30×22 inches

Room with a View, mixed media on paper, 20 x16 inches, $495 framed

Tiny Town, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches $675 unframed

Perennial Preview, mixed media on watercolour paper, 30×22 inches, $895

Edge of the Woods, chigiri-e 24 x24 inches, $850 framed